Positions Available

Post-doc positions

Positions are open to candidates with an interest in:

    1. Telecom range quantum emitter towards Practical single photon quantum key distribution, including their coupling to cavities.

    2. Quantum sensing with solid state system.

    3. Quantum computation based on solid state system such as defects in diamond.

    4. Spintronics with 2D materials, such as magnetic tunnel junctions.

    5. Twistronics for the 2D TMD materials such as induced superconductivity by twistronics.

    6. Opto-electronics based on 2D material.

You are expected to have

    1. Bachelor degree in physics or applied physics in Tier 1 university.

    2. PhD degree in physics or related area.

    3. Motivated with experimental science or theory research closely related with experiments.

You will enjoy and benefit from

    1. The stimulating scientific environment in Singapore.

    2. State-of-the-art experimental facility.

    3. Clean room facility for advanced micro and nano-technology.

    4. A leading role in one of our main projects.

To apply for the position, please send the following documents to Weibo Gao (wbgao@ntu.edu.sg).

    1. Your curriculum vitae,

    2. A statement of research interests,

    3. Names of two recommenders

The positions will be open until filled.

PhD students


    1. Bachelor degree in Tier 1 university,

    2. Good motivation in science, especially in quantum science,

    3. Good English reading and writing.

If you are motivated, please contact wbgao@ntu.edu.sg