Theoretical Computer Science



    Theoretical computer science aims to understand the state of art of computation. The theory group at NTU focuses particularly on computability, algorithms, coding theory, cryptography, algorithmic game theory, optimization and bioinformatics.

    We are hiring, from full time tenure-track or tenured faculty positions, including all areas of Theoretical Computer Science, to postdocs and Ph.D. students.


    • Xiaohui Bei: Algorithm, Algoirthmic Game Theory.
    • Yeow Meng Chee: Combinatorics, Cryptography and Coding Theory.
    • Ning Chen: Algorithms, Algorithmic Game Theory and Internet Economics.
    • Xin Chen: Bioinformatics and Algorithms.
    • Huaxiong Wang: Cryptography, Coding Theory and Information Security.
    • Guohua Wu: Computability, Models of Computation, Computational Complexity and Logic.


    • John Augustine: Optimization Algorithms, Algorithmic Game Theory
    • Angelo Fanelli: Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Algorithmic Aspects of Game Theory

    PhD students

    • Nikolay Gravin: Graph Theory, Algorithms, Algorithmic Game Theory
    • Svetlana Obraztsova: Graph Theory
    • Hua Xia: Algorithmic Game Theory
    • Wang Kejun: Algorithmic Game Theory
    • Yu Lan: Algorithmic Game Theory
    • Dmitry Shiryaev: Algorithmic Game Theory
    • Yair Zick: Algorithmic Game Theory

    Spin-off companies

    • Matchimi: Matching part time jobs to job seekers.
    • Nestia: Property rental platform.

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