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Welcome to the SYmmetric and Lightweight cryptography Lab (SYLLAB). We are part of the Coding and Cryptography Research Group at the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of Nanyang Technological University. The lab is led by Prof Thomas Peyrin and it includes several postdocs and PhD students. The research scope is the analysis and design of symmetric-key primitives (hash functions, block and stream ciphers, MACs, etc) and lightweight cryptography. The lab is supported by the Singapore National Research Foundation Fellowship 2012 (NRF-NRFF2012-06).


CAESAR competition NTU submissions can be found here.

Available Positions

We are seeking candidates for 2 research fellow positions (from fresh post-docs to senior research fellows) in the areas of:

  • symmetric key cryptography
  • lightweight cryptography
  • side-channel attacks

Salaries are competitive and are determined according to the successful applicants accomplishments, experience and qualifications. Interested applicants should send their detailed CVs, cover letter and references to Thomas Peyrin (thomas.peyrin [at] ntu.edu.sg).