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CAESAR (Competition for Authenticated Encryption: Security, Applicability, and Robustness) will identify a portfolio of authenticated ciphers that (1) offer advantages over AES-GCM and (2) are suitable for widespread adoption.

Link to the CAESAR competition.


Our group has several CAESAR proposals:


  • J. Jean, Y. Sasaki, L. Wang, "Analysis of the CAESAR Candidate Silver" in Selected Areas in Cryptography 2015 - SAC 2015 [pdf]
  • Jian Guo, Jérémy Jean, Thomas Peyrin, Lei Wang, Breaking POET Authentication with a Single Query, [pdf]
  • Jérémy Jean, Ivica Nikolić, Using AES Round Symmetries to Distinguish PAES, [pdf]
  • Yu Sasaki, Lei Wang, A Practical Universal Forgery Attack against PAES-8, [pdf]
  • Yu Sasaki, Lei Wang, A Forgery Attack against PANDA-s, [pdf]
  • Siang Meng Sim, Lei Wang, Practical Forgery Attacks on SCREAM and iSCREAM [pdf]
  • Thomas Peyrin, Siang Meng Sim, Lei Wang, Guoyan Zhang, Cryptanalysis of JAMBU [pdf]

Speed comparison

We have developed SUPERCOPy, a tool in Python that allows comparisons of SUPERCOP results, including the ones from the ongoing CAESAR competition.

See also (outdated): Speed comparison of CAESAR candidates