Tropical Atmosphere Group (TAG) is now ...

With effect from 16 Feb 2016, Associate Professor Koh Tieh-Yong, the leader of this group, has moved to UniSIM College, SIM University. So the Tropical Atmosphere Group is no longer located at NTU. With this significant transition, the group bears a new name: Singapore Tropical Atmospheric Dynamics Enthusiasts (STADE).

"STADE" is a French word meaning "stadium". Like a stadium where athletes gather to exercise and improve themselves physically, STADE is a platform for researchers and students located in Singapore to come together under A/P Koh's guidance to discuss ideas and learn from one another for the sake of honing their minds in atmospheric dynamics.

A new website for STADE is under construction. Please click on this link, or google for the group's name in the near future, to locate the new website. Alternatively, contact A/P Koh at his new website to find out more about this group. Membership to the group is by invitation only and is presently restricted to a few recent alumni of his past group in NTU due to logistical constraints.

Singapore Tropical Atmospheric Dynamics Enthusiasts (STADE)

last updated 15 Feb 2016