Xiong's Group



Optical Spectroscopy

Plasmonics & Metamaterials

Plasmonic Biosensing

Laser Cooling of Semiconductors



Our group focuses on a range of topics broadly defined in nanoscience and nanotechnology:

  • Develop novel approaches to synthesize (bottom-up) and fabricate (top-down) tunable low-dimensional metallic and semiconducting nanomaterials, heterostructures, and artificial nanostructures.
  • Investigate their fundamental properties as an outcome of confined geometry and anisotropy, especially by using optical spectroscopy (Raman, optical absorption and photoluminescence) and electrical transport measurement.
  • Explore the applications of nanomaterials and artificial nanostructures in nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, energy harvesting, and defense technology.
  • Build nano-bio interfaces, such as nanopore and plasmonic nanostructures for biosensing.