Xiong's Group

Recent News

  • 20Sep

    New APS fellow!!

    Congratulations to Professor Xiong for being elected as APS Fellow in Division of Materials Physics!
  • 14Sep

    Welcome new postdoctal, Dr. Fong Chee Fai, joining our group!

    Dr. Fong Chee Fai (PH.D. in University of Tokyo) joined our group as a postdoctal. We wish him a fruitful career in our group!
  • 7Sep

    Dr. Xing Jun's work published on Nature communications!

    Congratulations to Xing Jun for his work on perovskite LED accepted by Nature Communications!
  • 1Sep

    Welcome new postdoctals!

    Welcome new group members, Dr. Zehua Hu from National University of Singapore, and Dr. Elizabeth Marcellina from the University of New South Wales, Australia.
  • 1Aug

    Welcome new group members!

    Mr. Wong Yiren and Mr. AMARA Mohamed-Raouf joined our group as graduate students. We wish them a sucessful Ph.D life in Xiong's Group
  • 20 Jul

    Welcome New Group Members!

    Dr. TANG Tao from Guilin University of Technology, and Dr. CAI Chunfeng from Zhejiang University City College joining our group as visiting scholars. We wish them a happy and successful time in our group!