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Current Undergraduate

Minor in Physics and Applied Physics 

Disclaimer: The curriculum is still subject to minor revisions. Please check back regularly to read the most updated curriculum.

Two minors are offered to students at NTU whose major is neither Physics nor Applied Physics. Students are required to fulfill a minimum of 15 AUs of PAP courses.

S/U Option does not apply to Courses which are tied to Second Major programmes and Minor programmes.

Requirements (3AU)
Semester 1 AU Semester 2 AU
     PH2101 – Quantum Mechanics I
(Mutually exclusive with CY1303)
 3 AU

Choice of 2 courses (6AU/ 7AU)
Semester 1 AU Semester 2 AU
PH1104 – Mechanics
(Mutually exclusive with CY1301, CY1305, PH1011, PH1012, PH1101, PH1801)
3 AU PH1107– Relativity and Quantum Physics
(Mutually exclusive with CY1307)
 3 AU
PH1105 – Optics, Vibrations and Waves
(Mutually exclusive with PH1103, EE1002)
3 AU PH2102– Electromagnetism  4 AU
PH2104 – Analytical Mechanics
(Mutually exclusive with MA1001)
4 AU    

For Minor in Physics
PH2103 – Thermal Physics  4 AU PH3201 – Statistical Mechanics  4 AU
PH3101 – Quantum Mechanics II  4 AU PH3401 – Atomic Physics  4 AU
PH3102 – Condensed Matter Physics I  4 AU PH3502 - Chaotic Dynamical Systems  4 AU
Remaining AU (6AU/ 5AU)
Semester 1 AU Semester 2 AU
PH3501 - Fluid Mechanics  4 AU    
For Minor in Applied Physics
PH3102 – Condensed Matter Physics I  4 AU PH2301 – Physical Optics  3 AU
PH3601 - Fabrication of Micro- and Nanoelectronics Devices  4 AU PH2601 - Introduction to Lasers  3 AU
PH3602 - Photonics  4 AU PH3603 - Biophysics  3 AU


The requirement of PH1104 may be replaced with CY1305 if CY1305 is read as UE.
The requirement of PH1107 may be replaced with CY1307 if CY1307 is read as UE.
The requirement of PH2101 may be replaced with CY1303 if CY1303 is read as UE.