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Current Undergraduate

Final Year Project (FYP)

The student will undertake a research project over two semesters, supervised by a faculty member. He/she will be required to produce a thesis report and prepare for seminar presentations. Assessment will be through a thesis report, viva and seminar presentation, as well as from his/her FYP supervisor.

Only eligible students who have completed the following pre-requisites will received the PH4405 or PH4415 application email from the School before the semester commences.

PH4405, 10AU (for students admitted in AY1516 and earlier):

  • Pre-requisites: At least 12 AU of PH3xxx courses
  • Mutually exclusive: PH4407, PH4413, PH4415, PH4417

PH4415, 11AU (for students admitted in AY1617 and later):

  • Pre-requisites: At least 12 AU of PH3xxx courses
  • Mutually exclusive: PH4405, PH4407, PH4413, PH4417

In the event that a student wants to read PH4405 or PH4415 but has not fulfilled the pre-requisites, he/she will need to submit the waiver of pre-requisites request online during the waiver application period. More information about the Online Waiver Application will be sent via email.

For students who have gone for exchange but have not completed credit transfer, please send the screenshot on the items listed below to Ms Juliet Tan (juliettansp@ntu.edu.sg) for verification. The student has to inform the School accordingly in the event that he/she did not Pass the courses read during exchange.

  • Course Matching Approval
  • Official transcript given by host university (with student’s full name stated) OR List of courses registered during exchange (with student’s full name stated)

FYP Guideline

  • FYP is of 2 semesters (either Semester 1 to Semester 2 OR Semester 2 to Semester 1).
  • It will be reflected as 10AU (PH4405) or 11AU (PH4415) in your degree audit, but it will be counted as 5AU per semester. Do plan your timetable carefully and make sure you will not be overloaded. (For PHY: Normal load is 17AU, maximum auto overload is 20AU; For PHMA Normal load is 22AU, maximum auto overload is 25AU).
  • A minimum CGPA of 4.50 and an 'A-' grade or above for PH4405/PH4415 - Final Year Project, are required for the award of a Honours (Highest Distinction) degree.
  • FYP will be conducted under the supervision of a PAP faculty member. A co-supervisor from PAP is required if the topic that the student chooses is of interdisciplinary nature or the main supervisor is not associated to PAP. Please refer to the PAP faculty website for more details. http://www.spms.ntu.edu.sg/pap/Home/Faculty.html
  • All FYP students are required to attend Safety Briefing conducted by SPMS Safety Manager and FYP briefing conducted by FYP coordinator at the start of FYP semester.
  • Each FYP student will be assessed by 2 PAP faculty examiners. The student is required to arrange with the assigned examiner on the submission of report (either hardcopy or softcopy) and conducting viva session.
  • Each FYP student is required to upload his/her FYP thesis using Turnitin program via iNTULearn to check for plagiarism. He/she is required to print and attach the Turnitin report when submitting the thesis to the assigned examiners.
  • More information on the assigned examiners, the important date for FYP and other information will be made known to students at the mid of the second semester of FYP.
  • Each FYP student is required to upload the final soft copy of his/her FYP thesis to Digital Repository – Nanyang Technological University (DR-NTU) using the link http://repository.ntu.edu.sg/handle/10356/2323. You may refer to the attached PDF document below on the submission procedure.

Note: You do not need to submit your FYP thesis to the SPMS office.

  • The grading criteria is shown as below:



FYP supervisor &/or co-supervisor
Supervisor report


Examiner 1 + Examiner 2
(Average marks from Examiner 1 & 2)


Examiner 1 + Examiner 2
(Average marks from Examiner 1 & 2)


Examiner 1 + Examiner 2
(Average marks from Examiner 1 & 2)


  • FYP coordinator for the Division is Assoc Prof Yu Ting (YuTing@ntu.edu.sg). You may contact him if you have any query regarding FYP matters.

Instruction on Application

  • Students shall reply to the email on registration of PH4405/PH4415 to indicate the interest to do FYP before the deadline. Email will be send out only to eligible students (fulfilled pre-requisites) before the semester commences
  • Responded student will be given access to the Final Year Project System (Studentlink->Academic Matters-> Survey/Subject Option/ FYP-> Final Year Project Selection->View supervisor research interests) to view on the research interests of Professors.
  • Students shall arrange a discussion with a professor on research topics he/she is interested in. If the Professor agrees to be your FYP supervisor, he will propose a project and allocate it to you accordingly.
  • Each FYP student should get a project allocated to him/her before the end of add/drop period