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Current Undergraduate

Final Year Project (FYP)


Magnetism, spin, biophysics, etc
Supervisor Student Title
Christos Panagopoulos Song Zhibo Pushing the limits of relaxation calorimetry: high-precision heat capacity measurements below 20mK in intense magnetic field environments
Christos Panagopoulos Tam Qian Xin Penetration Depth Studies of Superconductors using Tunnel Diode based Oscillator Technique
Claus-Dieter Ohl Tan Beng Hau Ian Collision of soap bubbles
Lee Cheow Lei James Chew Ming Long Melvin IGRT Couch Study with ACUROS XB using Cylindrical Diode Phantom
Lee Cheow Lei James Phua Jun Hao Development of a Gamma Index Program to Evaluate Independent Dose Calculation Software for IMRT QA
Lee Cheow Lei James Roger Soh Cai Xiang A TLD Study of ACUROS XB for Lung SBRT using Lung Substitute Material
Phan Anh Tuan Ang Yuen Siang Structure a new DNA topology
Pinaki Sengupta Andrew Wibawa Frustrated quantum magnets
Pinaki Sengupta Lu Wuyin Spin-Peierls transition in 2D Heisenberg model with bond phonons
Wang Lan Lin Qinghua Electronic transport in topological insulator

Optics, spectroscopy, etc
Supervisor Student Title
David Paul Maxime Wilkowski Akhyn Zhagsalag Laser system for driving intercombination line of Strontium
Huan Cheng Hon, Alfred Goh Teck Wee Two Photon Photoemission (2PPE)
Rainer Helmut Dumke Chen Guohua Realization of a Transfer Cavity System
Rainer Helmut Dumke Chua Zhen Tao Alvin Laser system for an atomic gravimeter
Rainer Helmut Dumke Muhammad Nur Hidayat Bin Abdul Ghani Laser System for Ultra Cold Atoms
Rainer Helmut Dumke Nur Syahidah Binte Muntoha Zeeman Slower and Magnetic Transport for Ultra Cold Atoms.
Shen Zexiang Cai Xiaoyi Asymmetric electrochemical capacitor based on Co(OH)2-Graphene and Polypyrrole-Graphene
Shen Zexiang Jiang Shuran MIDI data communication through I2C bus based on Arduino micro-controller
Sum Tze Chien Arief Sulistio Ultrafast Spectroscopy of ZnxCd1-xSe Nanowires
Sum Tze Chien Chong Wee Kiang Charge Dynamics and Coherent Phonon Dynamics in Sb2S3
Sum Tze Chien Lim Swee Sien Investigating the Spin Dynamics in Cu-Doped ZnO nanowires
Sum Tze Chien Neo Chee Yong Liang Zhirong Ultrafast Spectroscopy of ZnTe Nanowires
Sum Tze Chien Yip Jing Ngei Exciton Dynamics in CdSe/CdS Nanorod Heterstructures
Sun Handong Huang Wen Li The Manipulation of light Propagation in Curved Space
Sun Handong Oktarini Wandan Sari Enhancement of two photon absorption and emission of quantum dots by surface Plasmon
Wang Qijie Chan Weiwei Fabrication of metamaterials and plasmonic devices
Wang Qijie Laavanyah D/O Alagasamy Optical and electrical characterizations of a novel laser system
Xiong Qihua You Junhao Optoelectronic Properties of Cu-Zn-In-S Nanocrystals

Theory and Modelling
Supervisor Student Title
Andrew James Kricker Lu Junyu Exploring the AJ conjecture for fibred knots.
Cheong Siew Ann Lee Jun Hin Kenneth Co-evolution of Language and Social Network
Cheong Siew Ann Quek Wei Liang The Limits of Urbanization
Cheong Siew Ann Tan Teck Liang Soup-of-Group (SOG) Model of Earthquakes
Cheong Siew Ann Tay Jiajie, Darrell Evolution of a Supply Chain
Cheong Siew Ann Teh Boon Kin SOG Signatures of Financial Market Crashes
Cheong Siew Ann Wang Yidan The Theory of Complex Network Sensing
Cheong Siew Ann Zhang Zhongkang Nonequilibrium Dynamics of the Soup-of-Group Model
Cheong Siew Ann / Zhang Dawei Chua Khi Pin Understanding Protein Folding: From Precursors to Universal Mechanisms
Chew Lock Yue Andri Pradana A Study on Complexity Measures
Chew Lock Yue Fu Ganwei Wormhole construction based on swirling matter?
David Henry Adams Nguyen Thi Phuc Tan One-loop Feynman diagrams in lattice Quantum Chromodynamics
Koh Tieh Yong Lee Pui Loong Henry Development of an Extended Local Multivariate MJO Index (ELMM)
Paterek Tomasz Tran Cong Minh New identifiers and measures of quantum correlations.


Supervisor Student Title
Chiam Sing Yang Binayak Dasgupta  Understanding the properties and role of semiconducting metal oxides as interface buffers in organic solar cells
Chiam Sing Yang Lek Han Liang Sunny Understanding properties of solution-based ZnO for applications in organic solar cells
Fan Hongjin Hay Zao Hiong Surface Modification of Nanoscale Energy Electrodes using Atomic Layer Deposition
Lew Wen Siang Gerard Joseph Lim Chu Keong CIGS solar cell on flexible substrate
Sum Tze Chien Leung Ho Fai Field-Assisted Transient Absorption for probing Carrier Dynamics in OPV Devices
Sum Tze Chien Ma Ka Kui Fabrication and Characterization of Water-based Organic Solar Cells
Sum Tze Chien Ong Wei Guang Plasmonic Interactions in Organic Solar Cells
Xiong Qihua Zhou Wenlong Large-scale II-VI semiconductor nanowire arrays and their optoelectronic devices

Magnetism, spin, biophysics, etc
Supervisor Student Title
Lew Wen Siang Hendrik Santoso Sugiarto An integrated microfluidic chip for magnetic cell sorting
Lew Wen Siang Muhammad Adnan Bin Abdul Khalik Magnetic logic gate and memory devices
Lew Wen Siang Nur Shahzreen Binte Mohd Taufik Templated growth of striped magnetic nanostructures
Lew Wen Siang Renuka D/O Prasobhan Fabrication and characterisation of diameter-modulated magnetic nanowire
Lew Wen Siang Tyas Kokasih Graphene-based spin transistor (2)
Mu Yuguang Nyam Ching Wee Linker prediction in fragment-based drug design
Phan Anh Tuan Fang Keyi Mechanical properties of DNA studied by magnetic and optical tweezers
Phan Anh Tuan Tran Quang Minh Nhat Spectroscopic study of DNA structural transitions
Pinaki Sengupta Jason Cornelius Pillay Spin-Peierls transition in two dimensions
Pinaki Sengupta Yap Ching Loong Ian S=1 Heisenberg Antiferromagnet in a magnetic field
Wang Lan Song Yu Electrical tuned resistance and magnetoresistance in transition metal oxide thin film 
Wu Tao Zhu Yuxuan Rational synthesis of modulated In2O3 based nanowires

Optics, spectroscopy, etc
Supervisor Student Title
Cesare Soci Chan Eng Aik Fast photocarrier dynamics studied by frequency domain THz spectroscopy and transient photocurrent
Cesare Soci Chin Xin Yu Charge-modulation spectroscopy of organic semiconductors
Elbert Chia Tan Chi Sin Terahertz spectroscopy of nanomaterials
Huan Cheng Hon, Alfred Felicia Fibiani Permatasari Exciton and polaron behaviour infrared LEDs
Rainer Helmut Dumke Ley Li Yuan Laser System for laser cooling.
Rainer Helmut Dumke Made Surya Adhiwirawan Frequency stabilization of a Laser
Sum Tze Chien Chou Kok Loong  Surface Plasmon Enhanced Stimulated Emission from CdSe/CdS Heterostructures
Sun Handong Yu Tianyuan The Physics of Metamaterial and Its Application in Optoelectronic Devices
Wang Qijie Phann Sophearin Sensing and imaging based on novel laser techniques
Xiong Qihua Muhammad Iqbal Bakti Utama Tunable metamaterials in VIS-IR regime

Theory and Modelling
Supervisor Student Title
Cheong Siew Ann Alvin Francis Tamie Loh Dynamic Texture Modeling Using Markov Models for Computer Graphics Applications
Cheong Siew Ann Chia Muhammad Yusuf Yong Hui  Simulating Pedestrian-Cyclist Interactions
Cheong Siew Ann Tan Peng Lung James  Nonlinear Difference Equation Forecasting Engine for FOREX Markets
Cheong Siew Ann Wang Xingjue Time Series Clustering Study of Sumatran Earthquakes
Chew Lock Yue Chen Jiateng Beyond Black-Scholes Pricing of Financial Derivatives
Chew Lock Yue David Halim Investigation on entanglement dynamics in anharmonic oscillator systems and open quantum systems.
Chew Lock Yue Goh Woon Peng Self-Organized Criticality in Complex Financial Network
Chew Lock Yue Lee Chun Hoe Impact of link-removal on the air transportation network 
Chew Lock Yue Mammedzada Mirnahid Chaotic Resonance
Chew Lock Yue Nelly Ng Huei Ying On the Entangling Rates of Typical Quantum Systems
Chew Lock Yue Nyam Seow Wei Protein folding studies based on CSAW with all-atoms side-chain
Chew Lock Yue Tay Keng Liang Hugh Multiple-Parton Interactions Leading to Double-Parton Scattering at the LHC
Chew Siew Ann Teo Wei Ren Understanding the Effective Dynamics of the Human Brain
David Henry Adams Jia Yiyang Consistency of the Hamiltonian and path integral approaches to Yang-Mills gauge theories
Koh Tieh Yong Ong Jenn Bing Spatial spectral analysis of rain intensity using radar reflectivity data
Pinaki Sengupta Abdul Malek Bin Razali  Destabilizing the Valence bond order in bosons on a honeycomb lattice


Supervisor Student Title
Ceare Soci Genesius Ng Zong Ren Hybrid organic-inorganic solar cells
Fan Hongjin Wang Tianyi Frabrication of TiO2 nanostructures and the application for water splitting
Huan Cheng Hon, Alfred Tai Kong Fai Novel polymer solar cells based on all water-processes
Lew Wen Xiang Lim Kuo Hou MBE growth and optimization of III-V semiconductor solar cell structures
Lew Wen Xiang Namig Hasanov Growth and characterization of III-V semiconductor intermediate band solar cell structures
Xiong Qihua Song Yin Nanomaterials for green feul: photocatalytic splitting of water
Yu Ting Chen Shao Yang Frank Graphene-metal oxide nanoparticle composite for ultracapacitor

Magnetism, spin, biophysics, etc
Supervisor Student Title
Cheong Siew Ann Chong You Quan Exploring quantum discord in one –dimensional spin chains
Cheong Siew Ann Irwan Ade Putra CORE study of hierarchical spin lattices
Christos Panagopoulos Sunku Sai Swaroop Measurements on magnetoelectrics under extreme conditions
Hilmi Volkan Demir Ridwan Salim Sanad Optoelectronics of semiconductor nanocrystals: synthesis and characterization
Huan Cheng Hon, Alfred Ho San San Infrared LEDs based on organic/Quantum dots emissive materials
Huan Cheng Hon, Alfred Kwan Yue Chau Optical and photoemission studies of organic interfaces
Lew Wen Siang Azat Sulaev Graphene-based spin transistor (1)
Lew Wen Siang Indra Purnama Magnetic domain memory devices
Lew Wen Siang Liu Wei Fabrication of microfluidic device with planar microcoils
Lew Wen Siang Parviz Hajiyev  Spin field effect transistor device
Pinaki Sengupta Zhang Zhifeng Dimensional crossover in the Bose Hubbard model
Rainer Helmut Dumke Chua Chern Fei Stabilization of a "Rydberg"-Laser system for measurements of atom-surface interactions
Rainer Helmut Dumke Oon Fong En Laser system for Ryderg bates based on taperted amplifer driven frequency doubler
Rainer Helmut Dumke Yong Mingli Frequency Stabilization of a Diode laser system
Sum Tze Chien Sandy Adhitia Ekahana Ultrafast carrier dynamics in CdS nanobelts
Wang Lan Liu Peng Electrical tuned magnetism
Wang Lan Tan Chee Wooi Electrical tuned exchange bias in transition metal oxide thin film
Yu Ting Wang Fangfang Raman scattering study on graphene and its derivatives

Theory and Modelling
Supervisor Student Title
Cheong Siew Ann Jeremy Hadidjojo How does a protein fold? A time series segmentation study
Cheong Siew Ann Lee Chong Eu Understanding and Engineering an intelligent swarm
Cheong Siew Ann Loy Qiu Yi No risk no gain
Cheong Siew Ann Suen Whei Yeap Molecular dynamics simulations of a high-speed jet intruding into a stationary gas
Cheong Siew Ann Toh Wei Ping Modeling and simulating the locomotion of Fictional creatures
Chew Lock Yue Chia Zhong Yi Electrostatic Effects in long ranged protein-protein interaction
Chew Lock Yue Goh Boon Chong The physical mechanism of beta sheet formation and the Beta-Coil phase transition
Chew Lock Yue Saw Vee Liem The Helicaliser: Fractals, Spacetime Manifolds and strings
Chew Lock Yue Wang Shengtao Quantum catalyst
Chew Siew Ann Mridula Damodaran Chemical Picture of the February 2007 Chinese correction