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Recent Publications  

Spectral Features and Charge Dynamics of Lead Halide Perovskites: Origins and Interpretations.

Acc. Chem. Res. 49(2): 294-302. (16 Feb 2016)

Sum T.C.; Mathews N.; Xing G.C; Lim S. S.; Chong W. K..; Giovanni D.; and Dew H. A

Phonon Mode Transformation Across the Orthorhombic–Tetragonal Phase Transition in a Lead Iodide Perovskite CH3NH3PbI3: A Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy Approach.

Phys Chem Lett7(1):1-6 (7 Jan 2016)

La-o-Vorakiat C; Xia H; Kadro J; Salim T; Zhao D; Ahmed T; Lam YM; Zhu JX; Marcus RA; Michel-Beyerle ME; Chia EE;

Laser cooling of organic–inorganic lead halide perovskites.

Nature Photonics 10, 115–121 (2016)

C.C. Kwong; T. Yang; M.S. Pramod; K. Pandey; D. Delande; R. Pierrat; and D. Wilkowski

Cooperative Emission of a Coherent Superflash of Light

Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 223601 -(26 November 2014)

C.C. Kwong; T. Yang; M.S. Pramod; K. Pandey; D. Delande; R. Pierrat; and D. Wilkowski

Cooperative Emission of a Pulse Train in an Optically Thick Scattering Medium

C.C. Kwong; T. Yang; D. Delande; R. Pierrat; and D. Wilkowski

Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 223601 (24 November 2015)

Elucidating the role of disorder and free-carrier recombination kinetics in CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite films

Nature Communications 6, 7903 (30 July 2015)

La-O-Vorakiat C; Salim T, Kadro J, Khuc MT, Haselsberger R, Cheng L, Xia H, Gurzadyan GG, Su H, Lam YM, Marcus RA, Michel-Beyerle ME, Chia EE.

Acoustic Trigger For Earthquakes

Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 128001 (15 September 2015)

F. Giacco; L. Saggese; L. de Arcangelis; E. Lippiello; and M. Pica Ciamarra

Insights into G-quadruplex specific recognition by the DEAH-box helicase RHAU: Solution structure of a peptide–quadruplex complex

PNAS, Vol.112 no.31, 9608-9613 (2015).

Heddi B.; Cheong VV.; Martadinata H.; Phan AT.;

An electrically pumped polariton laser

Nature 497, 348–352 (16 May 2013).

Schneider, C.; Rahimi-Iman, A.; Kim N.Y.; Fischer, J.; Savenko, I.G.; Amthor, M.; Lermer, M.; Wolf, A.; Worschech, L.; Kulakovskii, V.D.; Shelykh, I.A.; Kamp, M.; Reitzenstein, S.; Forchel, A.; Yamamoto, Y.; Höfling, S
Quantum-Dot-Sensitized TiO2 Inverse Opals for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Generation

SMALL. 8, 37-42 (2012).

Cheng, C. W.; Karuturi, S. K.; Liu, L. J.; Liu, J. P.; Li, H. X.; Su, L. T.; Tok, A. I. Y.; Fan, H. J.

Atomic Layer Deposition in Nanofabrication and Surface Engineering

Nanoscale, 4, 1522-1528 (2012)

Liu, M. N.; Li, X. L.; Karuturi, S. K.; Tok, A. I. Y.; Fan, H. J.

Sonolysis of Escherichia coli and Pichia pastoris in microfluidics

Lab Chip. 12, 780-786 (2012).

Tandiono, T.; Ow, Dave S.W.; Driessen, Leonie; Chin, Cara S. H.; Klaseboer, Evert; Choo, Andre B. H.; Ohl, S. W.; Ohl, Claus-Dieter ;
Relaxation of Photoinduced Quasiparticles in Correlated Electron Metals ( Invited Paper)

IEEE Journal of selected Topics in Quantum Electronics. 18, 340-350 (2012).

Talbayev, D.; Chia, Elbert E. M.; Trugman, S. A.; Zhu, J. X.; Taylor, A. J.
Self-Assembled Flexible Microlasers

Adv. Mater. 24, OP60 (2012)

Ta, V. D.; Chen, R.; Sun, H. D.
Anisotropic photonic properties of III–V nanowires in the zinc-blende and wurtzite phase

Nanoscale. 4, 1446 (2012)

Wilhelm, C.; Larrue, A.; Dai, X.; Migas, D.; Soci, C.
Tailoring Optical Properties of Silicon Nanowires by Au Nanostructure Decorations: Enhanced Raman Scattering and Photodetection

Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 116, 4416-4422 (2012).

Chen, R. J.; Li, D. H.; Hu, H. L.; Zhao, Y. Y.; Wang, Y.; Wong, N.; Wang, S. J.; Zhang, Y.; Hu, J.; Shen, Z. X.; Xiong, Q. H.
Synthesis and optical properties of II-VI 1D nanostructures

Nanoscale. 4(5), 1422-1435 (2012).

Muhammad Iqbal Bakti Utama, Zhang, J.; Chen, R.; Xu, X. L.; Li, D. H.; Sun, H. D.; Xiong, Q. H.
Tailoring the charge carrier dynamics in ZnO nanowires: the role of surface hole/electron traps

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 14, 3075-3082 (2012).

Li, M. J.; Xing, G. C.; Lloyd Foong Nien Ah Qune, Xing, G. Z.; Wu, T.; Huan, C. H. A.; Zhang, X. H.; Sum, T. C.
Single Mode Lasing from Hybrid Hemispherical Microresonators

Scientific Report. 2, 244 (2012).

Chen, R.; Ta, V. D.; Sun, H. D.
Oxide nanowires for spintronics: materials and devices

NANOSCALE. 4, 1529-1540 (2012).

Tian, Y. F.; Bakaul, S. R.; Wu, T.
Efficient synthesis of plate-like crystalline hydrated tungsten trioxide thin films with highly improved electrochromic performance

CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS. 48, 365-367 (2012).

Jiao, Z. H.; Wang, X.; Wang, J. M.; Ke, L.; Demir, H. V.; Koh, T. W.; Sun, X. W.;
Engineering magnetic domains in manganite thin films by laser interference

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS. 100, 12403 (2012).

Bakaul, S. R.; Lin, W.; Wu, T.
Quantum-Dot-Sensitized TiO2 Inverse Opals for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Generation

SMALL. 8, 37-42 (2012).

Cheng, C. W.; Karuturi, S. K.; Liu, L. J.; Liu, J. P.; Li, H. X.; Su, L. T.; Tok, A. I. Y.; Fan, H. J.
Seeded growth of two-dimensional dendritic gold nanostructures

CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS. 48, 1440-1442 (2012).

Pan, M.; Sun, H.; Lim, J. W.; Bakaul, S. R.; Zeng, Y.; Xing, S. X.; Wu, T. ; Yan, Q. Y.; Chen, H. Y.

Three-dimensional tubular arrays of MnO(2)-NiO nanoflakes with high areal pseudocapacitance


Liu, J. P.; Jiang, J.; Bosman, M.; Fan, H. J.


Ultrathin nickel hydroxidenitrate nanoflakes branched on nanowire arrays for high-rate pseudocapacitive energy storage

CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS. 47, 3436-3438 (2012).

Liu, J. P.; Cheng, C. W.; Zhou, W. W.; Li, H. X. ; Fan, H. J.
Effect of annealing on the temperature-dependent dielectric properties of LaAlO3 at terahertz frequencies

AIP Advances. 2, 12120 (2012).

Zou, X.; He, M.; Springer, D.; Lee, D.; Nair, S. K.; Cheong, S. A.; Wu, T.; Panagopoulos, C.; Talbayev, D.; Chia, E. E. M.
Stochastic boundary conditions for grand-canonical-like molecular dynamics simulations of open systems

Computer Physics Communications. 183, 486-496 (2012)

Prusty, M.; Leaw, J. N.; Chong, S. S.; Cheong, S. A.

Thickness-dependent azobenzene doping in mono- and few-layer graphene

CARBON. 50, 201-208 (2012)

Peimyoo, N; Yu, T; Shang, JZ; Cong, CX; Yang, HP

Seed-assisted synthesis of highly ordered TiO2@α-Fe2O3 core/shell arrays on carbon textiles for lithium-ion battery applications

Energy & Environmental Science. 5, 6559-6566 (2012)

Luo, Y. S.;  Luo, J. S.;  Jian Jiang: Zhou, W. W.; Yang, H. P.; Qi, X. Y.; Hua Zhang; Fan, H. J.; Yu, Denis Y. W.; Li, C. M.; Yu, T.
Self-assembly of well-ordered whisker-like manganese oxide arrays on carbon fiber paper and its application as electrode material for supercapacitors

J. Mater. Chem. 12, 8634-8640 (2012)

Luo , Y. S.;   Jian Jiang ;   Zhou, W. W.;  Yang, H. P.; Luo,  J. S.;   Qi, X. Y.;  Hua Zhang;    Yu, Denis Y. W.; Li, C. M.; Yu, T.
Incommensurate van der Waals epitaxy of nanowire arrays: a case study with ZnO on muscovite mica substrates

Nano Lett. 12, 2146 (2012)

Utama, M. I. B.; Belarre, F. J.; Magen, C.; Peng, B.; Arbiol, J.; Xiong, Q. H.

(Highlighted at the Nano Lett website)

Epitaxial II-VI tripod nanocrystals: a generalization of van der Waals epitaxy for nonplanar polytypic nanoarchitectures

ACS Nano. 6, 2281 (2012)

Utama, M. I. B.;Zhang, Q.; Jia, S. F.; Li, D. H.; Wang, J. B.; Xiong, Q. H.

Synthesis and optical properties of II-VI 1D nanostructures (Cover)

Nanoscale. 4, 1422 (2012)

Utama, M. I. B.; Zhang, J.;Chen, R.; Xu, X.; Li, D. H.; Sun, H. D.; Xiong, Q. H.
Local electrical potential detection of DNA by nanowire–nanopore sensors

Nature Nanotech. 7, 119-125 (2012)

Xie, P.; Xiong, Q. H.; Fang, Y.; Qing, Q.; Lieber, C. M.
(Cover, highlighted by Nature Nanotechnology, and MRS bulletin)
Exciton-phonon coupling in individual ZnTe nanorods studied by resonant Raman spectroscopy

Phys. Rev. B 85, 085418 (2012)

Zhang, Q.; Zhang, J.; Utama, M. I. B.; Peng, B.; de la Mata, M.; Arbiol, J.; Xiong, Q. H.
Enhanced thermoelectric properties of solution grown Bi2Te3–xSex nanoplatelet composites

Nano Lett. 12, 1203 (2012)

Soni, A.; Zhao, Y.; Yu, L.; Aik, M. K. K.; Dresselhaus, M. S.; Xiong, Q. H.
Dimensionality Selection in a Molecule-Based Magnet.

Phys Rev. Lett. 108, 077208 (2012).

Goddard, Paul A.; Manson, Jamie L.; Singleton, John; Franke, Isabel; Lancaster, Tom; Steele, Andrew J.; Blundell, Stephen J.; Baines, Christopher; Pratt, Francis L.; McDonald, Ross D.; Ayala-Valenzuela, Oscar E.; Corbey, Jordan F.; Southerland, Heather I.; Sengupta, P.; Schlueter, John A.

Magnetoelectric effects in an organometallic quantum magnet.

Phys Rev. B. 83, 140405 (R) (2012), (Rapid Comm).

Zapf, V. S.; Sengupta, P.; Batista, C. D.; Nasreen, F.; Wolff-Fabris, F.; Paduan-Filho, A.;

Flexible Microlasers by Self-Assembly( Video)

Adv. Opt. Mater. 24(10), 60-64 (2012)

Ta, V. D.; Chen, R.; Sun, H. D.;

Monolithic integration of III-V nanowire with photonic crystal microcavity for vertical light emission

Opt. Express. 20, 7758 (2012)

Larrue, A.; Wilhelm, C.; Vest, G.; Combrié, S.; De Rossi, A.; Soci, C.
Structure of Human Telomeric DNA in Crowded Solution

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 133 (25), 9824–9833 (2011)

B. Heddi; A. T. Phan
Dynamics of bound exciton complexes in CdS nanobelts

ACS Nano. 5, 3660 (2011)

Xu, X.; Zhao, Y.; Sie, E. J.; Lu, Y.; Liu, B.; Ekahana, S. A.; Ju, X.; Jiang, Q.; Wang, J.; Sun, H. D.; Sum, T. C.; Huan, C. H. A.; Feng, Y. P.; Xiong, Q. H.
Vertically aligned cadmium chalcogenide nanowire arrays on muscovite mica: a demonstration of epitaxial growth strategy

Nano Lett. 11, 3051 (2011) (cover)

Utama, M. I. B.; Peng, Z. P.; Chen, R.; Xu, X.; Dong, Y.; Wong, L. M.; Wang, S. J.; Sun, H. D.; Xiong, Q. H.
Flexible visible-infrared metamaterials and their applications in highly sensitive chemical and biological sensing

Nano Lett. 11, 3232 (2011)

Xu, X. L.; Peng, B.; Li, D. H.; Zhang, J.; Wong, L. M.; Zhang, Q.; Wang, S. J.; Xiong, Q. H.

(Highlighted by Nature Asia Materials, Nanowerk.com and COSMOS research)

Phonons in Bi2S3 nanostructures: Raman scattering and first-principles studies

Phys. Rev. B. 84, 205330 (2011)
Zhao, Y.; Chua, K. T. E.; Gan, C. K.; Zhang, J.; Peng, B.; Peng, Z. P.; Xiong, Q. H.

Room Temperature Excitonic Whispering Gallery Mode Lasing from High Quality Hexagonal ZnO Microdisks

Adv. Mater. 23, 2199 (2011)

Chen, R.; Ling, B.; Sun, X. W.; Sun, H. D.
Thermal Transport and Strong Mass Renormalization in NiCl2-4SC(NH2)2.

Phys Rev. Lett. 106, 037203 (2011).

Kohama, Y.; Sologubenko, A. V.; Dilley, N. R.; Zapf, V. S.; Jaime, M.; Mydosh, J. A.; Paduan-Filho, A.;
Al-Hassanieh, K. A.; Sengupta, P.; Gangadharaiah, S.; Chernyshev, A. L.; Batista, C. D.
Tailoring the Vapor-Liquid-Solid growth toward the self-assembly of GaAs nanowire junctions

Nano Lett. 11, 4947 (2011)

Dai, X.; Dayeh, S. A.; Veeramuthu, V.; Larrue, A.; Wang, J.; Su, H.; Soci, C.
Coherent flash of light emitted by a cold atomic cloud

Phys. Rev. A. 84, 011401(R) (2011)

Chalony, M.; Pierrat, R.; Delande, D.; Wilkowski, D.
Doppler cooling to the Quantum limit

Phys. Rev. Lett. 107 243002 (2011)

Chalony, M.; Kastberg, A.; Klappauf, B.; Wilkowski, D.

Structure-function studies of FMRP RGG peptide recognition of an RNA duplex-quadruplex junction

Nature Struct. Mol. Biol. 18, 796-804 (2011).

Phan, A.T.; Kuryavyi, V.; Darnell, J.C.; Serganov, A.; Majumdar, A.; Ilin, S.; Raslin, T.; Polonskaia, A.; Chen, C.; Clain, D.; Darnell, R.B.; Patel, D.J.

Low temperature edge dynamics of AB-stacked bilayer graphene: Naturally favored closed zigzag edges

Scientific Reports. 1(12),doi:10.1038/srep00012 (2011).

Zhan, D.; Liu, L.; Xu, Y. N.; Ni, Z. H.; Yan, J. X.; Zhao, C.; Shen, Z. X.
Competing energy scales in high-temperature superconductors: Ultrafast pump-probe studies

Phys. Status Solidi RRL. 5(1), 1-9 (2011).

Chia, E. E. M.; Zhu, J. X.; Talbayev, D.; Taylor, A. J.