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Prospective Graduate Students

Programme Overview 

The purpose of our graduate programme is to provide students a sound foundation and training that better prepares them for research at the fore-front of Physics and Applied Physics. Students are required to complete both basic and specialized graduate courses. The intent is to build up technical knowledge that spans breadth and depth.

The research environment here is informal with an intellectually stimulating setting that entails collaboration with faculty members, visiting scientists, post-doctoral fellows and peers. The research fields of interest of faculty members can be found here. Students may check them out to determine the research topic that they wish to pursue.

The division offers programmes that lead to a MSc which requires the completion of a coursework component and a research field. The division also offers a PhD programme that is research intensive with the objective of creating originality of research that pushes the frontier of fundamental Physics; and the generation of novel ideas that propels Applied Physics to new technological domains.

Research scholarships and Teaching Assistantships will be offered to successful candidates, which include a monthly stipend and research fee.