Emergency Procedure

List of numbers to call in the event of an emergency

  NTU Phone  Your Mobile Phone
Fire / Ambulance 9-995 995
Police 9-999 999
NTU Campus Security 4777 6790 4777
NTU Fault Reporting Centre 4777 6790 4777


Emergency Response Procedure

  1. Sound the alert by breaking the emergency breakglass or by calling Fault Reporting Center @ 6790 4777
  2. Alert and evacuate all personnel working in the lab


Fire Alarm and Evacuation

1st alarm with Announcement: "Investigation of alarm..."

  1. Stop all instrument and experiments
  2. Get ready for evacuation

2nd alarm with Announcement: "To evacuate ..."

  1. Evacuate to the assembly area in an orderly manner
  2. Follow the EXIT sign. Do not use Lifts
  3. Follow the instructions of fire wardens or other emergency response personnel

If in doubt of the alarm status, please call Fault Reporting Centre @ 6790 4777.
Click here for detailed Standard Operating Procedure.



In the event of an accident resulting in minor injuries, use the first aid kit located at the 2 end of the lab to treat the injuries before proceeding the NTU medical centre for treatment by a doctor.

  NTU Medical Centre NTU Phone  Your Mobile Phone
Call 9-6793 6974 6793 6974
9-6793 6828 6793 6828
Office Hours Mon to Thu 08:30 - 12:45 and 14:00 - 17:30
Fri 08:30 - 12:45 and 14:00 - 17:00

If you require assistance or transportation to the medical centre, please call CBC general office or campus security


Fault Reporting Centre

For breakdown of all electrical, water and security services, please call NTU fault reporting services.

   NTU Phone  Your Mobile Phone
NTU Fault Reporting Centre 4777 6790 4777


Campus Map

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