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Characterization Facilities


• Providing training courses.
Users are required to attend a training session and pass a test before they are allowed to operate the equipment. To arrange for your training, please submit either a hard copy of the completed the “Request Training” form (download from here) or through email to the facility staff.

• Using of our equipment.

To book our equipment, you may log in after completion of the training and test course.
       - Staff: Please log in through Staff link, facility booking, Central equipment
       - Students: Please log in through Student link or GS link, then facility booking, Central equipment
       - Others: Please write in.

Usage of equipment is chargeable for all users. Please click here for details.

Contact Information:
Mr. Li Yuanqing
Email: liyuanqing@ntu.edu.sg

Dr. Ngo Nguyen Phuong Thao
Email: NPTNgo@ntu.edu.sg

Dr. Chen Shi (For XPS only)
Email: chenshi@ntu.edu.sg

Mr. Ng Chin Fan (For XPS only)
Email: cfng@ntu.edu.sg

SPMS-PAP-01-11C, 13, 18, 22.
21 Nanyang Link,
Singapore 637371
Tel: 6316 2981

Lists of our equipment
Our equipment include:

 Scanning Probe Microscope
    Digital Instrument Dimension V
    with Options:

     • Atomic Force Microscope
         •Contact Mode
         •Tapping Mode
     • Lateral Force Microscope
     • Electric Force Microscope
     • Surface Potential Microscope
     • Piezo-response Force Microscope
     • Magnetic Force Microscope
     • Torsion Resonance Scanning Image
     • Conductive AFM
     • Torsion Resonance Conductive AFM
     • Phase Image & Force Volume
     • Nanolithography and Nano Manipulation

    Location: SPMS-PAP-01-11C

•  Field Emission Scanning Electron
    Microscope with Energy
    Dispersive X-ray Analysis Jeol

     For characterization of sample topography,
     morphology and composition.

    Location: SPMS-PAP-01-18
• Powder X-ray Diffractometer -
   Bruker D8 Advance:

    For crystal structure, phase composition and strain     analysis.

   Location: SPMS-PAP-01-22

• Atomic Force Microscope JPK AFM
   with Options:

   • Imaging
      •Contact Mode
      •AC Mode
   • Force spectroscopy

   Location: SPMS-PAP-01-11A