Mechanical Workshop


• Manufacturing of small to large complex components from Acrylic,    Aluminum, Steel and Teflon.

To request the fabrication of the components, please submit the order form (download from here) together with the drawings (hard copy). Discuss the feasibility of fabricating with the mechanical workshop executive. Upon approval and acceptance, the workshop team will place the job in the workshop queue list. You can check the progress of the fabrication from the team site:

• Lending tools or equipment from our Mechanical Workshop.

• Providing basic mechanical consumable item such as screw, nut,
   and washer.

• Providing training courses.

Upon completion of the training, staff/students can manufacture their components using the machines in the workshop. Please submit the “Request Training” form (download from here) to the mechanical workshop. Do strictly follow the Mechanical Workshop Rules and Regulations when using the facilities.

Usage of machines and manufacturing components are chargeable for all users. Please click here for details.

Contact Information:

Mr. Abdul Rahman Bin Sulaiman
Tel: 9657 6742/6316 2981

Dr. Ngo Nguyen Phuong Thao
Tel: 8297 5561/6513 8481


Mechanical Workshop
21 Nanyang Link,
Singapore 637371
Tel: 6316 2981

Lists of machines in Mechanical Workshop
Our machines include:

• Litz CNC Milling CV-600:  
    X travel 610, Y travel 410mm, Z travel 540mm,spindle
    speed 10,000rpm, table size 700x400mm, and
    cutting feedrate 24M/min.  


• YDPM ML-480 CNC Turning
    Max. machining diameter x length 210 x 508mm,     swing over bed 480mm, swing over side 321mm,
    slant angle of bed 45 , Z travel 520mm, X travel
    176mm, type vertical, spindle speed 4,500rpm.

• SEIKI Vertical Milling
    Spindle Driven by 5 HP AC Frequency Inverter     Motor, Travel XYZ 650 x 350 x 360 mm, Table size     260 x 1200 mm, spindle speed 60 ~ 3600 rpm     (Variable Speed), 5 HP AC Inverter Motor.

• Prince 1340 Lathe:
    Center height 165mm, swing over bed 330mm,     swing over cross slide 190mm, distance between     centers 1000mm, maximum swing in gap 495mm,     spindle center bore 35mm.

• DayMaster 16mm Drill Press:
    Max. tool diameter 12mm, chuck 16mm, speed     180-2,700 rpm, motor 2HP.

• Saw King Vertical Metal Cutting     Band Saw:
     Blade speed 3-16m/min, table size 19.5”x23.5”,      blade size 141” x 1/8”-5/8”.

• Rolling Table Saw Machine GT-
    Sliding length of cut 1,219mm, diameter of spindle
    saw blade 25.4mm, spindle speed 3,500 RMP,
    diameter of blade 200-400mm.

• Shen Jang Horizontal Metal
   Cutting Band Saw 916:
    Cutting capacity 230mm, blade size 27 x 0.9 x     3,260mm, motor 2HP, speed range 15, 38, 61 and
    84 MPM, motor 2HP.

• Fintek Hydraulic Shearing
   Machine P-5210:
    Capacity 3.5 x 1,320mm in mild steel, cutting
    angle 1”40’, strokes per min 30, manual
    back gauge 600mm.

• Fintek Hydraulic Box and Pan
   Brake VH-810-6:
    Bending length 2,440mm, reverse bend 20mm,
    beam adjustment 25mm, mild steel 3.5mm,
    stainless steel 2.5mm, bending angle 0-135,
    motor 2HP.