Liquid Nitrogen Central Facility


• Providing training courses

Due to the risk involved, all personnel are required to undergone an on-site training conducted by the staff in-charge. Upon completion of the training, staff/students will be authorized to operate on the Liquid Nitrogen Central Facility. Please submit the “Request Training” form (download from here) to the facility staff to arrange for your training.

• Drawing of liquid nitrogen (LN2).

Any personnel who wish to draw LN2 from our LN2 Central Facility need to obtain the key from the staff in-charge and fill up the record book before proceed to the LN2 Central Facility with the LN2 storage container. Equip and wear the suitable PPE and do strictly follow the Rules and Regulations when drawing and transporting LN2.

Contact Information:

Dr. Ngo Nguyen Phuong Thao
Tel: 8297 5561/6513 8481