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• Providing training courses.
Users are required to undergo training session before they are allowed to operate the equipment. Please submit the completed “CryoFACE training request” form (download from here) to the facility staff.

• Using of our equipment.

You are requested to book your time slot in advance on the hardcopy booking schedules in the CryoFACE lab.

CryoFACE lab equipment is chargeable for all users. Please click here for details.

Contact Information:
Mr. Li Yuanqing
Email: liyuanqing@ntu.edu.sg

21 Nanyang Link,
Singapore 637371
Tel: 6316 2981

Lists of our equipment
Our equipment include:

• Quantum Design PPMS 6000:

      -  14T magnet, standard temperature range:
         1.9-300K, Helium-3 option: 0.45-300K.
      -  Transport: AC and DC Resisitivity, Hall effect
         and Critical Current.
      -  Heat capacity option. ACMS option: AC and DC
      -  Thermal transport option: Thermal conductivity,
         seebeck coefficient and Thermoelectric Figure
         of Merit Torque magnetometry option.
      -  Horizontal rotator option: for use with transport
         and torque magnetometry Closed cycle helium

• Quantum Design MPMS XL:
    - 7T magnet, standard temperature range: 1.9-300K,
      high temperature oven: 300-800K.
    - DC magnetization.     
    - Reciprocating Sample Option. AC susceptibility.
    - Ultra-low field option: Remnant field < 0.05G.

• Rigaku SmartLab X-ray

   - General Bragg-Brentano focusing
    - Theta/2-theta scan
    - Rocking Curve Measurement and Reciprocal Space
    - Mapping Thin Film Thickness analysis
    - Small angle scattering (SAXS) and absorption
    - Cryostat temperature range 173K-300K