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Prospective Undergraduates

Students' Testimonial  

"SPMS helps me to realize my dream by offering the new course Mathematics and Economics, as I can pursue my favorite Economics and at the same time further develop my strength in Mathematics. I feel so proud to be the pioneer batch as surprisingly all my tutors are actually the respective lecturers, who are presumably the most experienced ones in their own fields."

MAEC AY2006/2007



"The most attractive part about SPMS is that it offers Direct Honours programs with an option for accelerated learning. Taking up Mathematics and Economics as my degree allows me to have a more diverse range of career options and offers greater value with its inter-disciplinary range of Courses."

MAEC AY2006/2007


“SPMS is both a fun and challenging environment to be in. The small faculty size enables professors and students to interact closely. Choosing SPMS is not the easiest way out, but I've truly enjoyed being part of the family.”

MOE Teaching Scholarship 2006
MATH AY2006/2007



"The lecturers never fail to make lessons interactive and interesting. Much and obvious effort was put into their presentations to facilitate understanding and enhance learning. I chose SPMS because I love a systematic and logical approach to problem-solving. Since the course started, I have learnt to appreciate the beauty of mathematics at a deeper level."

MATH AY2006/2007



"SPMS - certainly a place where one can receive a first-class education in Maths and the Sciences" My experience in SPMS has been very enriching. Not only do I get to study a subject that I'm passionate about, but I also find myself in an intellectually challenging environment. The professors are dedicated to efficient learning and are open to feedback, and this serves to benefit students greatly. This is certainly a place where one can receive a first-class education in Maths and the Sciences."

(Exempted the most number of Courses in SPMS 2005/2006)
MATH AY2005/2006


"I sure am glad I'm in SPMS!" Campus/Hall life should definitely be an integral part in all undergraduates' life. Living in a hall, suppers, gatherings, etc are but a norm & I've definitely enjoyed these activities as I'd become more sociable & had more international friends too. Over at SPMS, the professors are approachable with a reliable support team that ensures my well being."

MATH AY2005/2006



"What an Undergraduate Experience!" Special and extraordinary- ECAs and hostel activities make it an enjoyable adveNTUre. People- friendly classmates, funny, approachable lecturers. Need I say more? Mind stimulating- It's surprising to know that Mathematics is everywhere! Significant- it's tough but I know that this is a place where I can grow and will grow."

Member of SPMS Academic Club, Protem Committee
MATH AY2005/2006