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Current Undergraduates

Minor In Mathematics 

Requirements for the Minor:

Students are required to fulfil at least 15 AU from MH courses (excluding MH1401/MH1402/MH2401, MH4900, MH4901/MH4903/MH4907, MH8xxx, and MH9xxx), of which at least 6 AU should be MH2xxx/3xxx/4xxx.


Recommended Combination of Courses for the Minor:

A. For students who do not have calculus and/or linear algebra in the curriculum of their major, the following combination is highly recommended:

  • 2 courses of calculus (MH1100 and MH1101)
  • 1 course of linear algebra (MH1200 or MH2802)
  • 2 courses from any MH2xxx/3xxx/4xxx courses (excluding MH2401, MH4900, and MH4901/MH4903/MH4907).

B. For students whose major curriculum already includes calculus and/or linear algebra similar to MAS112/113/114 or MTH112/MTH113/MTH114 or MH1100/MH1101/MH1200 or MH1802/MH1803/MH2802 (e.g., some engineering programmes), it is recommended that they choose courses other than MH1100/MH1101/MH1200 for the fulfillment of the minor requirements. Some courses that may be suitable are listed below:


Foundations of Mathematics
4 AU
Calculus III
4 AU
Groups and Symmetry
3 AU
Linear Algebra II
4 AU
Discrete Mathematics
3 AU
Probability and Introduction to Statistics
4 AU
Complex Methods for the Sciences
3 AU
Abstract Algebra I
3 AU
Knots and Surfaces: Introduction to Topology
4 AU
Numerical Analysis I
3 AU
Data Analysis with Computer
3 AU
Number Theory
4 AU
Graph Theory
4 AU
Basic Optimization
4 AU


C. Only for students in the C N Yang Scholars programme:

- The following courses do not count towards a minor in Mathematics: MH1100, MH1101, MH1200, MH1201, and MH2100.

- The requirement of at least 6 AU from MH2xxx/MH3xxx/MH4xxx is dropped.