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Prospective Undergraduates

Minor In Finance

The use of mathematical tools such as statistics, probability, computing, differential equations, optimization, to name a few,
has become now essential in all areas of finance and economics. This has created new opportunities for the mathematics students, and has given a new edge to mathematics studies.

The Minor in Finance has been designed to respond to this trend. It is offered to selected students who will be taking courses in banking and finance offered by the Nanyang Business School(NBS), in addition to their mathematics curriculum.

The Minor in Finance programme is open only to selected Mathematical Sciences students. The division will decide on the admission requirements. Students are required to first enroll for BU8201 (Business Finance) and receive a minimum of B+ grade in order to continue in the programme.



Refer to the following link for the criteria in detail.


Students will be required to take a total of 15 academic units in order to fulfill the requirements of a Minor in Finance. There are two compulsory courses and two elective courses, selected from existing banking and finance courses offered by the Division of Banking and Finance at NBS.

New Course Offering - (wef AY13 & after)

2 compulsory courses:
BU8201 Business Finance
BF2201 Investments *

Choose 2 electives:
BF2209 Derivative Securities
BF2210 Bank Risk Management
BF3202 Fixed Income Securities
BF3204 Financial Modelling
BF3207 Alternative Investments

* For Mathematical Sciences students who have successfully enrolled to Minor in Finance program and received a minimum of B+ grade in BU8201 Business Finance, please send a waiver request of the Pre-requisite(AB102/ AB1201) for BF2201 Investments via email at spmsundgrad@ntu.edu.sg