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Prize Presentation for Problem-Based Learning course at Singapore Polytechnic

Speaker: Dr Fedor Duzhin

Title: Geometric Problems on Maxima and Minima:

Date: 13 May 2015 - Lecture, 12 Aug 2015 - Prize Award Ceremony

Number of teams who made to the final round of grading by Dr Fedor Duzhin: 10

Winning teams:

1st Place ($200): Evan Wee Keng Yee, Chen Yan, Abdul Hadi Bin Abdul Samad, Lai Yan Hong

2nd Place ($100): Sia Hong Yew, Na Sheng Yao, Zheng ShengSheng, Eric Cheong

3rd Place ($50): Ajay Pillay, Mun Kar Kin, Neo Jiun Hao Joel, Tey Zhi Yong

Photographs are here: