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Visiting Faculty
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Prof Alexander Vardy
Visiting Professor
B.Sc. (summa cum laude) - Israel Institute of Technology
Ph.D. - Tel-Aviv University, Israel

E-mail: avardy@ntu.edu.sg
Coding Theory, Algebraic and Iterative Decoding Algorithms, Coding for Digital Storage, Lattices and Sphere Packings, Information-Theoretic Security, Computational Complexity Theory
BRUCKSTEIN Alfred Marcel
Visiting Professor
BSc (Cum Laude), MSc (Technion IIT), PhD (Stanford University)

E-mail: ambruckstein@ntu.edu.sg      
Distributed, Multi-A(ge)nt Robotics, Discrete and Applied Geometry, Image and Signal Processing, Image Analysis (Computer Vision), Image Synthesis (computer Graphics)  
DENG Yuefan
Visiting Professor
BSc (Nankai University of China), PhD (Columbia University)

E-mail: yfdeng@ntu.edu.sg      
 Supercomputer Design and Applications
John Allen PAULOS
Visiting Professor
PhD (University of Wisconsin in Madison)
Professor of Mathematics at Temple University in Philadelphia

E-mail: math233@gmail.com
Mathematical Logic, Probability, Popular Science Writing - Books, Essays, Reviews, Columns