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Message from the Head

The Division of Mathematical Sciences (MAS), founded in 2005, is one of three divisions under the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS). In its first year, the division admitted 47 undergraduates while having only five faculty members. Today, the division has 30 faculty members from various research areas of pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, and theoretical computer science. Our faculty members are research active and many have been successful in winning competitive research funding. The biggest and strongest research group in our division is and has always been the coding and cryptography group. The division has a graduate program with approximately 50 graduate students currently.

The division offers degree programs in Mathematical Sciences (MATH), Mathematical Sciences with a minor in finance (MAFI), and Mathematics and Economics (MAEC) and each year, we admit approximately 250 undergraduates into these programs. At the end of their second or third semester, students in MATH and MAFI will then choose to specialize in one of the four tracks, Business analytics, Pure Mathematics, Applied mathematics, or Statistics. Our graduates have consistently proven to be highly employable, as reflected in the yearly MOE graduate employment survey. Our graduates have also gained admission to some of the top graduate schools around the world, for example, Cornell, London School of Economics, Princeton, UC Berkeley, and University College London. The division takes feedback seriously, whether it is from students, or from potential employers of our graduates, and is constantly finding ways to further improve our studentsí overall experience and employability.

I invite you to explore our website to learn more about our division.

Chan Song Heng
Head, Division of Mathematical Sciences
January 2016