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Current Graduate Students

Programme Overview  

Programme Structure

The MSc and PhD program in Mathematical Sciences each consist of both a coursework and research component. The coursework has to be completed in the first 18 months of graduate study. The coursework requirements are specified in detail below. Students participating in the PhD program have to pass a PhD candidacy exam after the completion of the coursework component. For both the MSc and PhD program, the requirements for the research component include the completion of a thesis on original research in Mathematical Sciences.

Coursework Requirement

Minimum Coursework Requirements for MSc degree (12 AUs):
o   At least 2 MAS71x modules
o   At least 1 MAS79x module

Minimum Coursework Requirements for PhD degree (16 AUs):
o   At least 2 MAS71x modules
o   At least 1 MAS79x module
o   7xx modules (can be from SPMS or other school's/division)*
o   HWG702 - Small Group Teaching (only for full-time students only)
o   HWG703 - Graduate English (only for full-time students only)

*Modules that are not from MAS are subjected to approval by both schools. MAS79X cannot be considered for this module.


Period of Candidature

Program Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
Doctor of Philosophy 2 years 5 years  2 years  7 years
Master's Degree 1 year 3 years  1 year  4 years