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Prospective Graduate Students

Programme Overview


The purpose of the program is to provide a stimulating environment for conducting original research in Mathematical Sciences. Our division offers an MSc as well as a PhD program, each of which consists of both a coursework and a research component.

Research scholarships and Teaching Assistantships, which include a monthly stipend and research fee, may be offered to successful candidates, see a brief of scholarships. More general information on Admission and Degree requirements can be found at the Graduate Studies website.

The graduate program in Mathematical Sciences is based on the following features...


Graduate coursework

Graduate coursework forms the basis of the intensive preparation for research work. Graduate students will gain a broad and in-depth understanding of key and contemporary topics in Mathematical Sciences from which they can then launch into more detailed investigations of research literature. The coursework includes research seminars with the objective to lead students to current research frontiers. Topics will be chosen to cover recent research developments and will be aligned with the research interests of students. For the list of available graduate coursework Courses, see Course Information.


Supervised research

Graduate Students are assigned to a faculty member who acts as their supervisor and mentor. Students will be intensively supported in their theoretical work as well as in practical and computational aspects (where appropriate). This includes, for instance, use of state-of-the-art software, computer experiments, computer searches and computer simulations.


Research groups and cooperation

Students with common research interests will form graduate research groups in order to enhance cooperation and efficiency of study and research. Our research groups include Discrete Mathematics, Scientific Computation, Pure Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science as well as Probability and Statistics. For an overview of the research areas of our faculty, please see Faculty Research Profile.