Recent News

3 October 2016
1 Sep 2016
Leong Wui Seng has started his PhD study in our group!

4 Sep 2015
We wish Sandoko Kosen all the best in his PhD journey at Oxford University.

20 Aug 2015
New publication "High-Resolution Atom Interferometers with Suppressed Diffraction Phases"

28 Jun-3 Jul 2015
We've joined the ICOLS meeting.

Research Focus

Our research interests focus on utilizing quantum optics, atom optics, and laser cooling and trapping techniques for quantum sensing, precision measurement, and quantum metrology. For example, we are going to explore the use of an optical matter wave guide based on a hollow-core photonic crystal fiber. This could lead to demonstration of atom interferometry with optically guided matter waves inside the fiber and use it for mobile gravity gradiometry, testing the charge neutrality of atoms, and eventually measuring Newton’s gravitational constant G. This research could bring research in the field of atomic sensor and precision measurement to the next level of compactness and versatility combined with high accuracy.

We are looking for exceptional and inspiring scientists to join the group. Please contact us if you are interested!