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Research Interests
I am interested in understanding the dynamics of complex systems with very many degrees of freedom, from both modeling and data perspectives. In particular, I explore questions like:
  • what is complex about a complex system?
  • how complex is a complex system?
  • why is a complex system complex?
  • how does a complex system become complex?

To answer these questions, I take a comparative approach to complex systems like:

  • financial markets and economies;
  • infectious diseases;
  • earthquakes and tectonics;
  • biological macromolecules;
  • brain;
  • society and language;
to distill more universal theoretical understanding of such complex systems.

Ultimately, my goal is to develop a computational theory of complex systems, by treating their dynamics as information processing, and discover the underlying logic. In particular, I would like to how understand evolutionary processes geared towards information processing shape the complex network topologies and dynamics of complex systems.

Former Research Fellows
  1. Dr. Manamohan PRUSTY (currently in GITAM University, Orissa, INDIA)

  2. Dr. Mikhail FILIPPOV (Oct 2016 &endash; Jul 2018)

Former PhD Students
  1. Daniel SPRINGER (2014, Renormalization-Group Study of the Superconducting-Pseudogap Transition, currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Technical University of Vienna, AUSTRIA)

  2. TAN Sisi (2014, Numerical Studies of Low Dimensional Quantum Many-Body Systems, currently an Associate Professor in Changchun University of Science and Technology, CHINA)

  3. WANG Bin (2014, An Investigation Into Systemic Risks and Its Mitigation Based on Complex Network and Agent-Based Modeling)

  4. Mikhail FILIPPOV (2016, Clustering Approach to Protein Folding Problem and Dynamics of the Tropical Atmosphere)

  5. TAN Peng Lung James (2017, Engineering Regime Shifts in Urban Systems)

  6. GOH Woon Peng (2017, Complex Network Techniques for Discovering Structures in Functional Data)

  7. TEH Boon Kin (2018, Macroscopic & Mesoscopic Dynamics of Financial Markets)

  8. TAN Teck Liang (2018, A Theory of How the Brain Computes)

  9. TAY Jiajie Darrell (2018, Dynamics of Housing Markets)

  10. LIU Wenyuan (2019, Knowledge Evolution: From the Complex Network Perspective)

Former Undergraduate Research Students
  1. WONG Jian Cheng (BSc Mathematical Science, SPMS, NTU)

  2. CHONG Kin Chun (BSc Mathematical Sciences, SPMS, NTU)

  3. TEO Hui Rong Amanda (BSc Mathematical Sciences, SPMS, NTU)

  4. SHEN Yichen (formerly Physics, SPMS, NTU; now John Hopkins University)

  5. LYE Ribin (BSc Applied Physics, SPMS, NTU)

  6. GOO Yik Wen (Aerospace Engineering, NTU)

  7. LIAN Tong Wei (Electrical and Electronic Engineering, NTU)

  8. Gladys LEE Hui Ting (BSc Mathematical Sciences (2010), SPMS, NTU)

  9. ZHANG Yiting (BSc Mathematical Sciences (2010), SPMS, NTU)

  10. CHEN Sida (BSc Mathematical Sciences (2010), SPMS, NTU)

  11. WANG Weihan (BSc Mathematical Sciences (2010), SPMS, NTU)

  12. Lisa ENG Cai Fei (BSc Mathematical Sciences (2010), SPMS, NTU)

  13. LEAW Jia Ning (BSc Physics (2010), SPMS, NTU)

  14. DAJAC Carlo Vincienzo Genuino (BSc Physics (2010), SPMS, NTU)

  15. Danny XU Yuan (summer intern, Bard College, USA)

  16. Robert Paul Fornia (summer intern, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA)

  17. WONG Wan Chap (BSc Physics (2011), SPMS, NTU)

  18. KOK Jun Liang (BSc Applied Physics (2011), SPMS, NTU)

  19. CHOI Wen Ting (BSc Physics (2011), SPMS, NTU)

  20. TEY June Teng Terrence (BSc Mathematical Sciences (2011), SPMS, NTU)

  21. YIM Woei Shyr (BSc Mathematical Sciences (2011), SPMS, NTU)

  22. CHONG Pei Fang (BSc Mathematical Sciences (2011), SPMS, NTU)

  23. SEAH Yin Mun (BSc Mathematical Sciences (2011), SPMS, NTU)

  24. CHONG You Quan (BSc Physics (2011), SPMS, NTU)

  25. Irwan ADE PUTRA (BSc Physics (2011), SPMS, NTU)

  26. LEE Chong Eu (BSc Physics (2011), SPMS, NTU)

  27. Jeremy HADIDJOJO (BSc Physics (2011), SPMS, NTU)

  28. LOY Qiu Yi (BSc Physics (2011), SPMS, NTU)

  29. TOH Wei Ping (BSc Physics (2011), SPMS, NTU)

  30. SHAO Jiali (BSc Mathematics & Economics (2012), SPMS, NTU)

  31. WANG Xingjue (BSc Physics (2012), SPMS, NTU)

  32. CHIA Muhammad Yusuf Yong Hui (BSc Physics (2012), SPMS, NTU)

  33. TAN Peng Lung James (BSc Physics (2012), SPMS, NTU)

  34. Alvin Francis Tamie LOH (BSc Applied Physics (2012), SPMS, NTU)

  35. TEO Wei Ren (BSc Physics (2012), SPMS, NTU)

  36. CHEN Jiateng (BSc Applied Physics (2012), SPMS, NTU)

  37. TAN Teck Liang (BSc Physics (2013), SPMS, NTU)

  38. Darryl TAY Jiajie (BSc Physics (2013), SPMS, NTU)

  39. ZHANG Zhongkang, Nonequilibrium Dynamics of the Soup-of-Group Model, BSc Applied Physics (2013), SPMS, NTU.

  40. LEE Jun Hin Kenneth, Coevolution of Language and Social Network, BSc Applied Physics (2013), SPMS, NTU.

  41. CHUA Khi Pin, Understanding Protein Folding: From Precursors to Universal Mechanisms, BSc Physics (2013), SPMS, NTU.

  42. QUEK Wei Liang, The Limits of Urbanization, BSc Physics (2013), SPMS, NTU.

  43. WANG Yidan, The Theory of Complex Network Sensing, BSc Physics (2013), SPMS, NTU.

  44. TEH Boon Kin, SOG Signatures of Financial Market Crashes, BSc Physics (2013), SPMS, NTU.

  45. Muhammad Al ATIQI, An Agent-Based Approach to Simulating Chemotherapeutic and Radiotherapeutic Treatments of Cancerous Tumours, BSc Physics (2014), SPMS, NTU.

  46. Andanari PUSPADINI, An Urn Model of the Interbank Network, BSc Mathematics and Economics (2014), SPMS, NTU.

  47. LEE Zhen Ting, Partial Cross Correlations and Its Applications to Financial Time Series Clustering, BSc Physics (2015), SPMS, NTU.

  48. GONG Xue, Modified Dealer Model for the Electricity Market, BSc Physics (2015), SPMS, NTU.

  49. SUN Kaixuan, Complex Agent Network Model of Youth Violence in Singapore, BSc Physics (2015), SPMS, NTU.

  50. Christian Ciputra LIMAN, Implementation of Potentials of Unbalanced Complex Kinetics Model with Particle Filter in Detecting Critical Transitions in Financial Market Time Series, BSc Physics (2015), SPMS, NTU.

  51. SY Gerico Arquiza, Resilience and Recovery in Complex Networks, BSc PHMA (2015), SPMS, NTU.

  52. WEN Haoyu, Early Warning Signals in the Foreign Exchange Market, BSc PHMA (2016), SPMS, NTU.

  53. NG Zhen Hui Kevin, BSc Physics (2016), SPMS, NTU.

  54. Alan Wallace ROSS, Exchange Student, University of Strathclyde, UK (2016).

  55. QIAN Cheng, BSc MATH (2017).

  56. LEOW Yu Sheng Jackson, BSc PPHY (2017).

  57. CHEN Yizhou, BSc PHMA (2017).

  58. GUO Tongfei, BSc PHMA (2017).

  59. MAI Hoang Lam, BSc PHMA (2017).

  60. NGUYEN Ai Linh, BSc PHMA (2018).

  61. Marcus HO Jun Ru, BSc PPHY (2018).

  62. Jonathan PONG Weijie, BSc PPHY (2018).

  63. Jason, BSc PHY (2018).

  64. Isaac TANG Ying Chun, BSc (Hons) Physics (2018) from NUS.

  65. CHUA Ching Leong, BSc (Hons) Physics (2018) from NUS.

  66. Khoi VU, intern from Hanoi University of Science (2018).

  67. TAN Xing Yuan, BSc PPHY (2019).

  68. Alfred ANG Teck Shin, BSc PPHY (2019).

  69. SHEN Jianxin, BSc PPHY (2019).

  70. LEON Shi Min, BSc PPHY (2019).

  71. TU Mengyu, BSc PPHY (2020).

  72. TANG Yeow Wei Adrian, BSc PPHY (2020).

  73. WEE Jun Jie Shaun, BSc PPHY (2020).

Former High School Research Students
  1. EU Yong Xue (NUS High School of Mathematics and Science)

  2. GU Keyuan (NUS High School of Mathematics and Science)

  3. QIANG Xiang (NUS High School of Mathematics and Science)

  4. Gladys TAN Li Yue (National Junior College)

  5. NG Chun Kit (National Junior College)

  6. YEE Si Min (Nanyang Girls High, SMP)

  7. Jan TAN Tze Qi (Nanyang Girls High, SMP)

  8. OOI Li Wen (Nanyang Girls High, SMP)

  9. LEUNG Sin Yung (River Valley High, NRP)

  10. TAN Pang Boon Shaun and Amanda YEO Shuen Yea, Laminar Debonding in Paper-and-Glue Model to Explain the Formation of Ridges Found in Iridescent Butterfly Scales, National Junior College, 2011.

  11. Adrienne CHEW Dan and CHU En Xian, Cellular Automata Model of Crowd Dynamics in a Shopping Centre, National Junior College, 2011.

  12. QIU Biqing (Raffles Girls School) and LEE Juo Shuen (Hwa Chong Institution), Analysis of Interactions Between Trading Strategies Using Empirical Mode Decomposition of Financial Time Series, NRP 2013.

  13. Pranav DAHIYA and Andrea TOH, Disrupting Criminal Networks, National Junior College, 2014.

  14. YEW Jen Khai and YOO Yi Jie, Localized Attractions in Shopping Malls and How These Influence Shopper Behaviours, National Junior College, 2014.

  15. SEOW Guan Ling and CHUA Wei Xuan, Early Warning Signatures of the 1995 Kobe Earthquake, Pioneer Junior College, 2014.