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  1. Official website of the Cornell Badminton Club [link].
  2. Photo gallery of the Cornell Badminton Club [link].
  3. Badminton Central [link].
  1. Butterflies of Singapore, a Geocity web site showing pictures of butterflies found in Singapore [link].
Career Forums
  1. TIPTOP Jobs On-Line, a job forum hosted by the Institute of Physics (IOP), that lists both job openings and candidate ads [link].
Debian Linux
  1. Debian NIS HOWTO [link].
  1. Econophysics Forum [link].
  1. The EMBL-EBI genome pages [link].
  2. The NCBI Entrez Genome pages [link].
  3. DengueInfo*, hosted by the Novartis Institute of Tropical Diseases [link].
Graphics Editing Software
  1. The tgif program, a vector graphics editing software that parallels xfig [link].
  2. Hints and tips specific to ImageMagick [link].
  1., a page giving details on characters supported under HTML 4.0.
  2., a page summarizing all the HTML tags.
  3., a well organized page summarizing HTML tags.
  1. Creating Presentations in PDFLaTeX, a webpage on how to create presentations with PDFLaTeX.
  2. Bibtex Entry Types, Field Types and Usage Hints, a webpage giving the various mandatory and optional fields for BiBTeX entries.
  1. List of road names in Singapore, including those obscure ones that I am familiar with as a child, growing up in Lorong Ayam Jalak. The direct link is used, because I cannot seem to get to this link from the URA website.
  1. List of Postscript Level 2 commands [link].
Scientific Graphing
  1. QtiPlot, a very nice software for data analysis and scientific plotting.
  2. Grace, a very useful software for creating 2D scientific plots.
Scientific Programming
  1., the official website of the FFTW, a Fast Fourier Transform Library for C.
  2., the Python Tutorial Page.
  1., the Xfig Reference Manual. Most useful for me are the tables for accessing characters in the standard and symbol fonts, which are not accessible via standard keyboard keys.