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:: Introduction ::
With the advances in high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies, RNA-seq has rapidly emerged as a powerful tool for the quantitative analysis of gene expression and transcript variant discovery. In comparative experiments, differential expression analysis is commonly performed on RNA-seq data to identify genes/features that are diffrentially expressed between biological conditions. Here, we introduce a new nonparametric approach called LFCseq that uses log fold changes as a differential expression test statistic. To test each gene for differential expression, LFCseq estimates a null probability distribution of count changes from a selected set of genes with similar expression strength. In contrast, the nonparametric NOISeq approach relies on a null distribution estimated from all genes within an experimental condition regardless of their expression levels. Through extensive simulation study and RNA-seq real data analysis, we demonstrate that the proposed approach could well rank the differentially expressed genes ahead of non-differentially expressed genes, thereby achieving a much improved overall performance for differential expression analysis.
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  • B. Lin, L. Zhang and X. Chen. LFCseq: a new non-parametric approach for differential expression analysis of RNA-seq data. Submitted.
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