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Prospective Undergraduate

CBC Degree Programme

The Division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (CBC) offers an undergraduate major in Chemistry that satisfies the American Chemical Society (ACS) curricular guidelines for a rigorous undergraduate professional education in chemistry. The programme is intended to prepare students for professional work in chemistry or for entrance into graduate school in the chemical sciences.

The rigorous curriculum in modern chemistry will emphasize the mode of thinking in chemistry and science, and will be delivered by a strong faculty, supported by modern laboratory facilities and instrumentation, and good library resources for the education of its students. Problem-solving skills that cut across the traditional subdivisions of chemistry will be emphasized and developed.

It would be impossible and really not necessary to cover every possible topic in chemistry. We believe that it is more important that students learn how to learn through problem-solving, laboratory exercises, and project work which also brings out teamwork, and communication (through writing and speaking) skills. Employers value such skills.