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Current Undergraduate

Overseas Exchange

A number of student exchange programmes are available for CBC students. These programmes offer an excellent opportunity for you to study in a foreign university. You may choose to do course work or the Final Year Project in one of our partner universities in Australia, Canada, East Asia, Europe, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States. These programmes also open the door for you to understand different cultures and people. You can look forward to exciting new experiences and lifestyles, make new acquaintances, and of course, enjoy opportunities to travel.

Please note the following rules:
1. No core module, except CM3061 & CM3062
2. Up to 4 major PEs
3. No pre-requisite waivers will be granted
4. Only courses that are offered in CBC can be matched; currently not offered: CM4022, CM4034, and CM4052
5. Final-semester students are not allowed to go on exchange
6. The Division will not administer any exams from overseas universities
7. Subject to approval: Overloading (NTU) and underloading (NTU and host university)

Slides from Jan 2018 briefing session

Navigate the following links to find out more about our exchange programmes, partner universities and application procedures.

Note: Imperial College and Southampton are for FYP only.

Still undecided? Get in touch with our Exchange Alumni to find out more about their experiences.

You may also approach our Exchange Coordinators for advice on exchange programme, in particular, on your plan of study on exchange.

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For students interested in overseas fee-paying program, please click here.

Exchange Coordinators

Please include the professor in your email.

Assistant Professor LOH Zhi Heng
+65 6592 1655

Assistant Professor Mihaiela STUPARU
+65 6592 7765

Ms. Eve NG
+65 6513 8457

Ms. HOE Lee Hwee
+65 6513 8458

*Queries via e-mail only.