Lab Supplies


1. CBC store online inventory system (This system was implemented on Feb 2013, only for CoS personnel).

For non-registered personnel, please contact Wilson at and Wee Jian at

For existing users, please click on the link below to access the system:

Upon checking out and confirmation of items in the cart, please wait for the approval from PI/approving officer, print the hardcopy of the order from the buyer’s history page, and bring the order form to CBC Store for collection of items. Non-approved order will not be entertained.

Proper PPE and secondary container are to be use when transporting chemicals and solvents. Solvents and chemicals purchased is strictly for usage at SPMS building due to Government Licensing rule.
For access outside NTU compound, please use the VPN to authenticate your PC: or alternatively via the web browser:

2. Monthly payment of invoices:

Each group will be issued an invoice on the 5th day of every month. The invoice must be collected by a research student from the group who will then hand the invoice over to the PI to authorize payment. The signed invoice must be returned back to the Store within 5 working days after its issue.
No items from the store will be issued to the group until the signed invoice has been returned to the store.

3. Operating hours for the store will be as follow:

8.30am-12.00pm (For delivery only)
12.00 pm – 1.30 pm (Store will be closed for lunch and clearing of paper work)
1.30pm-5.00pm (For purchase only) for Mon to Thurs and 1.30 pm - 4.30 pm (For purchase only) for Friday.
Store will be closed after 5 pm (Mon-Thurs)/4.30 pm (Fri) for clearing of paper work
Please note that delivery in the afternoon and purchase in the morning will not be entertained.

4. Delivery of goods:

For safety purposes, all chemical and solvent must be delivered to CBC Lab Supplies.
Lab. Equipments are to be delivered to CBC Lab Supplies, before distributed to individual Lab.
Delivery Order and Tax Invoices must be passed immediately to CBC Lab Supplies or to General Office-Purchasing.

5. Waste Disposal

Disposal of chemical wastes will only be available between 02.30 to 04.30 pm daily. This is to consolidate daily chemical wastes to prevent any improper disposals. Do take note that any group who are late and do not follow the proper procedures or waste disposal schedule to dispose chemical wastes will be rejected.
Please refer to the for proper waste disposal procedure.