Seminars and Events

Seminar and Events 2017

Current and Upcoming Seminars and Events

15 September - 17

Imaging Fluorescent DNA interactive probes in cells - Where is the drug gone? by Dr. Marie-Paule Teulade-Fichou

15 September - 17

Application of Vinylindoles and Indolylmethanols in Synthesizing Indole Derivatives by Prof Feng Shi

Past Seminars and Events

5 September - 17

Practical and Scalable Total Synthesis of Complex Natural Product through Sequential C-H by Prof Lei Xiaoguang

31 August - 17

Chemo, Regio and Stereoselective Organic Transformations of 1,1-Diborylalkanes by Prof Seung Hwan Cho

10 August - 17

Photocatalytic Conversion of Alcohols for Selective Chemical Synthesis by Professor Hiroshi Naka

8 August - 17

Systematic determination of complex reaction mechanisms by Dr W M C Sameera

7 August - 17

Synthesis of Nitrogen-Containing Polyarenes Using Polycyclic Aromatic Azomethine Ylides by Professor Shingo Ito

1 August - 17

Recent Progress on Attosecond Science at RIKEN by Prof Katsumi Midorikawa

17 July - 17

Nanophotonics – From Simulations, Photophysics , to Biomedical Devices by Professor Shuang Fang Lim

12 July - 17

Reversible Reservoirs for Radicals. A Powerful Strategy for the Construction of Carbon-Carbon Bonds by Prof Samir Zard

10 July - 17

From Steroids to Radicals. The Wanderings of a Curious Chemist by Prof Samir Zard

23 June - 17

Organocatalyzed Reductive Amination of Aldehydes and Ketones with Trichlorosilane by Prof Pavel Kocovský

22 June - 17

Donor-acceptor Stabilization of Main Group Species: From New Bonding Environments to Nanomaterials by Prof Eric Rivard

19 June - 17

The Mechanical Bond: Mingling Art with Science by Prof Fraser Stoddart

06 June - 17

Chemoselective Protein Modifications Based on Organoradicals by Prof Kounosuke Oisaki

26 May - 17

Emerging Guidelines for the Design of Novel Organic Semiconductors by Prof Guillermo Bazan

25 May - 17

Agonies and Ecstasies in Syntheses of Natural Products by Prof Krishna Kaliappan

03 May - 17

Practical Asymmetric Hydrogenation by Prof Zhang Xumu

29 Mar - 17

Designer Nucleotides for Studying the Repair of DNA Damage by Prof Eric Kool

13 Mar - 17

Development of Highly Functional Medical Devices by Design of Biointerface by Prof Madoka Takai

13 Mar - 17

Self-Organized Functional Materials: Liquid Crystals and Organic/Inorganic Hybrids Designed for Energy and Environmental Applications by Prof Takashi Kato

13 Mar - 17

How can we transform mono-functional proteins to biosensors? by Prof Hiroshi Ueda

07 Mar - 17

Genetic alphabet expansion technology and its diagnostic and therapeutic applications by Prof Ichiro Hirao

02 Mar - 17

Frustrated Lewis Pairs Catalyzed Metal-Free Hydrogenations and Hydrosilylations by Prof Du Haifeng

02 Mar - 17

New Catalytic and Chiroptical Functions of Chirality-Swichable Helical Macromolecule PQX by Prof Michinori Suginome

01 Mar - 17

Sulfur Atom Transfer (SAT) Reaction by Prof Jiang Xuefeng

01 Mar - 17

Phosphorus Ligands-Enabled Synthesis & Catalysis by Prof Tang Wenjun

27 Feb - 17

ATTOSECOND PHYSICS FOR BIOMEDICINE Field-resolved vibrational molecular spectroscopy for early cancer detection by Prof Ferenc Krausz

24 Feb - 17

Reactions and Molecular Functions Featuring Elements-based Characteristics for early cancer detection by Prof Ryo Takita

21 Feb - 17

On Discovery in Catalysisy by Prof Frank Glorius

20 Feb - 17

ELECTRONS IN REAL TIME Tracking and controlling motions at the  picometer-attosecond scale by  Prof Ferenc Krausz

20 Feb - 17

Enantioselective Photo-Organocatalysis: Making Chiral Molecules with Light by Prof Paolo Melchiorre

20 Feb - 17

Efficient ligand platforms from our group for enantioselective catalysis by Prof Anton Vidal

08 Feb - 17

Organic Synthesis in CRO & CMO Industry by Dr Ma Rujian

07 Feb - 17

Chemical Synthesis of Complex Natural Glycosides of Biological Significance Function by Prof Yu Biao

06 Feb - 17

Vibrational Anharmonicity and IR Spetra of Protonated Clusters by Prof Kuo Jer-Lai

25 Jan - 17

Organometallic anticancer drugs: example of the ferrocifen family by Prof Gerard Jaouen

09 Jan - 17

Practical Direct Electrophilic Amination of Olefins and Aromatic Systems
by Prof László Kürti

12 Jan - 17

Merging of Chemistry and Biology: In Search of Molecules with Translational Function by Prof Kim Janda

18 Jan - 17

Catalysis with Earth Abundant Metals by Prof Paul Chirik

18 Jan - 17

Exploring Carbon Neutral Methods for the Interconversion of Ammonia with its Elements by Prof Paul Chirik