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Central Facilities

NMR Facilities

Our Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Facilities lab currently houses seven NMR spectrometers from Bruker and JEOL with magnets at 300MHz, 400MHz and 500MHz.


Bruker Avance 300 (AV 300)

Ultra-shield 300MHz magnet with auto-tunable BBO probe (5mm), equipped with a 60 position auto-sampler.







Bruker Avance 400 (AV 400)
Ultra-shield 400MHz magnet with QNP probe (5mm) for 1H, 13C, 31P and 15N NMR.








Bruker Avance III 400 (BBFO 400)
Ultra-shield Plus 400MHz magnet with auto-tunable BBFO probe (5mm).







JEOL ECA400 (ECA400)
Ultra-shield 400MHz magnet with auto-tunable liquid probe equipped with a 16 position auto-sampler and CPMAS probe for solid samples.






Bruker Avance 500 (AV 500)
Ultra-shield Plus 500MHz magnet with BBI probe (5mm), equipped with a 60 position auto-sampler.






Contact Information
Ms GOH Ee Ling

Phone: (65) 6316 8845
E-mail: eeling@ntu.edu.sg
Mr Keith LEUNG Wing Kim

Phone: (65) 6592 2463
E-mail: keith.leung@ntu.edu.sg

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