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Current Graduate Students

Programme Overview  


Click here for information on course work requirements for students who registered prior to August 2011.

Candidates registered for the Master of Science (MSc) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees pursue independent but supervised research in a field of advanced study either on a full-time or part-time basis. Besides the research component, MSc and PhD candidates admitted in AY 2011/12 Semester 1 and thereafter are required to attend classes and pass the examinations for 3 and 4 graduate-level subjects respectively. PhD candidates are also required to pass a Qualifying Examination (QE) within 18 months from the date of registration. On completion of the research, the candidate is required to submit a thesis on his research for examination. For PhD candidates, there is also an oral examination on the Course matter and other related subjects. More details can be found at SPMS handbook.

Coursework Structure


Graduate coursework forms the basis of the intensive preparation for research work. Graduate students will gain a broad and in-depth understanding of key and contemporary topics in chemistry and biological chemistry from which they can launch into more detailed investigations of research literature. Students will also be trained in literature review and seminar presentations.

CBC required courses (Admitted in and before AY2012-2013)

CBC required courses (Admitted in and after AY2013-2014)

CBC required courses (Admitted in and before AY2016-2017)

Please note that division will not be offering MPS780 and MPS 781 for Aug 17 admission and after.

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Period of Candidature (Full-Time Program)




 Doctor of Philosophy

 2 years

 5 years

 Master of Science

 1 year

 3 years