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Oral Defense 2017
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Upcoming Oral Defense

Title: Single-Electron Transfer Radical Activations and Reactions Enabled by Carbene Organic Catalysts and Organic Reagents
Presenter: Zhang Yuexia
Supervisor: Assoc Prof Robin Chi
Date: 18 April 2017
Time: 10:00AM
Venue: SPMS-LT5

Title: TBA
Presenter: TBA
Supervisor: TBA
Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Venue: TBA


Concluded Oral Defense

Wu Bin Modular And Diversity-Oriented Synthetic
Approaches To Benzoheteroles And Dibenzoheteroles

5 January 2017 Assoc Prof Naohiki Yoshikai
Lam Zhiyong Metal Carbonyls For Bio-Imaging And -Sensing 9 January 2017 Assoc Prof Leong Weng Kee
Lee Hui Qi Jazreen The Electrochemical Reactions Of Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) And Some Phenolic Compounds 16 January 2017 Assoc Prof Leong Weng Kee
Lauw Jun Liang Sherman Studies On The Electrochemsitry And Coupled Homogeneous Reactions Of Some Carbonyl Compounds And Superoxide In Aprotic Organic Solvents 20 January 2017 Assoc Prof Richard Webster
Shao Hai Yan Photo-And Electro-Catalytic Hydrogen Evolution By Nickel Complexes And DFT Calculations for Photoredox Reactions 23 January 2017 Asst Prof Soo Han Sen
Ho Jia Shin Development Of Monitoring Tools Based On Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy For Water Treatment And Integrated Process For Wastewater Recovery 2 Febuary 2017 Assoc Prof Richard Webster
Lim Li Hui Part I: Palladium-Catalyzed Radical Alkylation of Arenes
Part II: Nickel-Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Quinoxalines Using Formic Acid
22 Febuary 2017 Asst Prof Steve Zhou
Wu Meiyi Aryl-NHC Group 13 Trimethyl Complexes: Structural, Stability and Bonding Insights 17 March 2017 Asst Prof Felipe Garcia
Yang Hong Investigation on the Conformational Conversion of Human Prion Protein by Molecular Dynamics Simulation 20 March 2017 Assoc Prof Li Tianhu
Liu Yiran Probing the effects of non-base-triple-forming nucleotides on triplex formation 27 March 2017 Asst Prof Chen Gang
Chen Xingkuan Carbene-Catalyzed Activation of Aldehydes and Esters for Asymmetric Reactions and Dynamic Kinetic Resolutions 29 March 2017 Assoc Prof Robin Chi
Tan Wei Wen Simon Copper-Catalyzed Condensation Reactions For The Synthesis Of Multisubstituted Heteroarenes 5 April 2017 Assoc Prof Naohiko Yoshikai
Cui Jinglan Theoretical Study of the Binding of BH3 Peptides to BCL-2 Proteins Towards A Novel Anticancer Strategy 5 April 2017 Assoc Prof Li Tianhu
Lee Sie Huey Inhaled Combination Powders For Respiratory System Infections And Disorders 11 April 2017 Assoc Prof Zhao Yanli
Nur Filza Binte Mohamed Aslam Synthesis of Piperidine Quinolizidine Alkaloids 24 August 2017 Assoc Prof Roderick Bates