Dr Goh Lai Yoong Award 2016

From left to right: Prof Shunsuke Chiba (CBC, Head of Division), Prof Leung Pak Hing (Guest-of-Honour), Dr Tnay Ya Lin, Amerlyn Chong, Lim Jenny, Lee Ke Yau, Prof Loh Teck Peng, Assoc Prof Ling Xingyi, Assoc Prof Tan Howe Siang

Congratulations Amerlyn Chong Ming Liing (Year 2), Lim Jenny (Year 3), Lee Ke Yau (Year 4) and Tnay Yalin (Postgrad) for winning the Dr Goh Lai Yoong Award 2016!

Guest of Honour, Prof Leung Pak Hing, shared with the award winners and fellow Malaysian students the inspiring success story of Dr Goh Lai Yoong. He encouraged them with Dr Goh's life message that it is possible for women to attain success in both career (in science) and family life as long as they have the drive to do so.

The Dr. Goh Lai Yoong Endowment Fund was setup in conjunction with the successful launch of Dr. Goh’s autobiography in 2010 entitled “Follow the Chemistry: Lure, Lore and Life”. The aim of the GLY Endowment Fund is to inspire and encourage more young female students in CBC to venture into Science, research and acdemia.